As Jason Willow begins to develop his supernatural powers, his world quickly turns darker and the locations reflect this.  In Book 1, his story runs from the bleak beauty of a Scottish castle to the oppressive walls of a gang-ridden school, the despair of a lost industrial town and the labyrinthine passageways of an ancient abbey.  Hope, like love and friendship, drives him on and is epitomised by the tranquillity of Darkston Wick, a picture postcard hamlet surviving on the very edge of darkness. 




This is the exclusive private school Jason and his family move to after his mother's death. Complete with, dreaming spires, great halls and acres of parkland, Morsham College is a safe haven for Jason after his mother's murder. However, only the children of the rich and powerful come here and a dark hierarchy of bullying lies just under the gilded surface. *1st edition only.


Mawn is a small remote island in the north of Scotland with an ancient keep rising out of a lake. The whole island belongs to Jason Willow's grandfather and the family spend most of their holidays there. It is the closest thing to a permanent home Jason has ever had... and the lovely Laura McKenzie lives there as well...


Darkston Abbey is home to Alan Brash - a mentor, impossibly rich from his brewery empire. He used to work with Jason's father 20 years ago doing deadly work nobody knows about. The sprawling abbey is set in its own forested river valley. Alan Brash has spent a small fortune turning the site into a sumptuous palace... with more than a few 'hidden extras'...


Darkston Village is the small town that has grown up around Darkston Abbey over the centuries. Only the most favoured of Alan Brash's employees are given houses there, set on narrow streets winding around hills and parks. Darkston Village is riddled with CCTV cameras and sealed off from the industrial town by electrified fences and guard towers.


A grey monolith brooding over the beautiful town of Darkston Wick, Silent Hill School used to serve as a House of Correction for the  sinister monks who built the nearby abbey centuries ago. Dark, cramped classrooms, deep catacombs and miles of stone-locked stairs and corridors are the battleground for two rival gangs and the al powerfu prefects who run the school.


This is the grimy heart of Alan Brash's empire, pumping out profit from the phenomenally successful Drunken Abbot Ale and Darkston Malt Whiskey. The massive breweries cast the derelict, terraced streets in permanent shadow with the only light coming from pub windows filled with the silhouettes of drunken workers. The families are caught in a poverty trap of brewery housing and an addiction to the very drink they spend their daylight hours making.


No one ever leaves Drunken Abbot...