"Lots of things have inspired and influenced the writing of Jason Willow. The characters, places atmosphere, plot elements and action have all come from my imagination, mixing in original ideas with inspirations from books, films and real life.


This page has a look at a few of the books and films that have given me ideas. These should give you some idea of what to expect when you read Jason Willow."


G. Mottram




The Harry Potter books were one of the main reasons why I decided to write for teenagers.  Jason Willow however, is a lot darker than the early 'Harrys' so it doesn't have impossible spells, giants, and broomsticks etc.  Jason Willow is aimed mainly at 13 years and older instead of 7/8 plus.


Having said that, if you like 'scarier' bits of the later Harry books (from about book 3 - Prisoner of Azkaban) you will like Jason Willow - the secretive, powerful characters who are neither all good or all bad, the dark and dingy locations, the bullying, the friends sticking together and people getting hurt without a 'hospital ward' to fix them up in a jiffy.



You may not know anything at all about this stuff but just imagine being dropped into a dark city where you can't trust anyone. You are being hunted day and night, hiding in dingy flats that you have been told are safe only to be raided by secret police.  Your only way out of the city is over a twenty foot wall, topped with barbed wire and machine gun nests. Beautiful, sensuous women and hard, serious men are your only hope of escape but will they betray you at the last minute?  Even when you reach a gateway, you can't fight your way out.  You have to hide and bluff, with cold sweat crawling down your back as you hope your false identification papers will fool the guards. And all the time, the clock is ticking…


This is the world of the Cold War spies as written by authors such as John LeCarre.  In Jason Willow you will find the same situations, the same fears and suspense but all focussed on a fifteen year old boy and his friends.




You remember all that spectacular Kung Fu stuff and amazing acrobatics? Not so much the Superman type stunts of the last film but the stunts that look almost manageable. Think back to the dark look of the world and the feeling of constant, building danger… of always being watched. Well, that's all in Jason Willow, building slowly at first…




No star ships or laser pistols in Jason Willow I'm afraid but if you like the limited Force powers, the sword play and the fighting acrobatics of Episodes I - III and Han Solo's attitude in IV to VI then Jason Willow is for you.




You won't find a lot of spurting blood or poked out eyes in Jason Willow but if you enjoy the suspense of heroes being hunted or being absolutely controlled by some evil force whilst screaming for freedom inside their own head, then my book is for you.


The Exorcist has to be the grandfather of all the demon movies.  No fang-toothed, long clawed monsters but just innocent victims being possessed by unspeakable evil and an ancient order of reluctant heroes with limited powers trying to save them. Great stuff!





Okay, so they get a little bit gory and silly in the later episodes but all that terrified running and hiding in moonlit streets and abandoned buildings has to be good...