What if vampires and werewolves were just a cover story for something much worse? 



Jason Willow has taken his first steps into a secret, terrifying world of demons and possession and only escaped with his life because others gave theirs. Now, with his powers quickening towards their immense potential but little chance to learn how to use them, he has to go even deeper into the clandestine war his father swore to leave behind.



Jason and his surviving family and friends are forced to journey into the very heart of darkness – Transylvania.  Here is the stronghold of the Brethren - demon summoners, slaves touched by death and near invisible glimmermen - all desperate to bring one such as Jason under their control. Here too are the Watch, sworn to destroy demon-kind and close the Rift which allows all but the most powerful demons to be summoned from the infernal dungeons of the Abyss.



Running from the Brethren on their home turf and hunted by his father’s past companions, Jason must ally himself with enemy factions but who can he really trust?  Their quest will take them through such stunning locations as the city of Budapest, wolf haunted forests, an isolated mental asylum, a war ravaged abandoned town and a cliff-top monastery.



Guilt ridden by his failings and confused by an ever intensifying love triangle, Jason must learn to access and control every ounce of his fantastic potential whilst trying to keep his mind... something the pitiless queen of demons would much rather keep for him.



With supernatural powers, martial and military arts and fast cars vying for page space with love, betrayal and fantastic demon minions – this second instalment of the Jason Willow trilogy seeks to stretch the boundaries of the paranormal action genre. 






Stay ahead of the game and read the second installment in the Jason Willow series.


My Enemy's Enemy - Chapter 1 (PDF file size 112kb)


Some Jason Willow 2 locations coupled with movie soundtracks that have inspired my writing.


... the exciting plot keeps the pages turning. The description of Jason’s Gift is particularly original and the fight scenes are intense. This is a solid YA novel that wraps the story up neatly while still setting the reader up for a sequel. 


Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award -

Publisher Weekly Reviewer 



I enjoyed this immensely! ... The mystery, the loss of their mother, all powerful tools that the author uses well. I can completely see this capturing the imaginations of young teen boys and older tweens - a market I really like to see expanded on. I enjoyed the relationship the two teens have, and most importantly I bought it. It didn't seem fake or artificial. And then there


is the mystery of the kids' father-what is his past all about? Is he a good guy or a bad guy - I think that is the real burning question?


ABNA Expert Reviewer